Cosmetic Tattoo Prep

Two Weeks Before Cosmetic Tattoo Please Avoid:

Tweezing, Waxing, Retinol, Vitamin E + Fish Oil (unless medically necessary), Tinting/Dyeing Brows

48 hours before Cosmetic Tattoo Please Avoid:

Alcohol, Caffeine (coffee, tea, energy drinks), Smoking, Blood Thinners (unless medically necessary)

*These instructions also apply to touch-up appointments. Not following the appointment preparation leads to poor color retention, does not create a good canvas for the artist to work on and affects your healing process.*


Appointment After Care

Do not scrub, pick or rub at any scabbing that develops. Allow it to flake off on its own, or the pigment underneath can be pulled off if removed prematurely. 


Do not use any makeup on brows, lips or eyes for 7 days, minimum.


Do not expose areas to direct sun or tanning bed.


Do not tweeze or dye brows for 7 days.


Do not swim or submerge in water for 7 days.


Do not let the shower faucet hit your brow line. Water pressure can push pigment out before it has healed.


Do not use any serums or creams, other than given ointment in the brow area.


The treated area should remain dry during the healing process (7-10 days), other than given ointment.


To help with itchiness, apply a light coat of aftercare ointment once or twice per day. Be gentle. Too much ointment can soak up the pigment before it has healed.



Stay protected by wearing a hat when outside for long periods of time.

Stay covered with appropriate sunscreen

Be touched up at 6 -10 weeks and again at the one-year mark to keep them fresh