Lash Extensions

Prior to Lash Appointment

Please make sure that you are removing all makeup and skincare products from your face. This will ensure the best possible retention during your appointment. 

I will clean your lashes at your appointment, but two is better than one. If I'm unable to get your lashes clean enough to support eyelash extension application you may experience pre-mature shedding and more frequent appointments.

Post Appointment Care

Oil products are what we use to remove lashes so if you use heavy eye creams, facial products containing tea tree oil, coconut oil etc. please talk to me about what options we can utilize to ensure the best possible experience for you.

No Hot Showers, Saunas, Steam Rooms or Direct Water Pressure

It is an urban myth that you cannot get your lashes wet. You do have to wait 24 hours , but please ask me about lash baths. 

I'm always willing to educate on how to gently wash your lashes.

This is actually advised to guarantee the best possible lash health long term.