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Cancellation Policy

Any cancellations within 24 hours of an appt are subject to 50% of the appt cost before they will be allowed to reschedule. The cancellation fee will be due at the time of cancellation or you will not be allowed to reschedule.

If you no call no show 100% of the appt will be due before you are able to reschedule your appt.

I have been lenient, but this is a business. This policy is being enforced to ensure we are respecting eachother's time as well as other clients who are on a waitlist.

In case of illness or emergency

Please understand that communication is key and that in case of illness or family emergency you may still reach out to me on how to proceed with rescheduling. 

If you are ill you will not be allowed to reschedule within the same week. 

This is also to respect myself and my other clients . This is a one woman show. Coming to your appt sick could cause me to have to shut down for long periods of time. 

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