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Meet the Owner

Hi, I'm Alaina!

I am the artist behind 'Total Babe Beautique'.

The 'head babe in charge'. I operate my beauty business in the mid-cities metroplex of the Dallas/Ft.Worth area.

Before my beauty career, I pursued a life in dental and eventually medical sales. I always knew I wanted to help people, but never quite felt like I was fulfilling my true calling in any of the positions that I took. Many of them challenging, but none of them giving me a true sense of purpose. When the work week was over I couldn't wait to hang it up.

Navigating my way through corporate life, a recurring theme arose among the women I built friendships with. We all wished we had more time in the day to really take care of ourselves. If not more time, then shortcuts. I found myself more and more involved in conversations about beauty hacks, how-to's and the latest trends. I would find so much joy in helping women find ways to feel pretty again. This is my calling.



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